Majoring In Animation

How many animation majors actually end up working in animation? Cuz I can’t shake the feeling like 75% are just kids who like cartoons.

Nothing wrong with liking cartoons. But liking them and wanting to make them are different things. One is entertainment, the other is work.

M’bud @kellhound was telling me a while back about her SCAD classmates, many of which didn’t know what they wanted to do after graduation.

So these comic, illo and animation majors, spending 10s of thousands on their degrees, weren’t actually that interested in USING them. WHAT.

If you’re majoring in stuff for fun, just do yourself, your student loans and your parents a favor: Drop out. You can goof off for free.

Getting industry work isn’t easy. And at least at the beginning, the pay is basically trash. But hey, that’s a creative career for you.

I’m not trying to turn this into a THE PROBLEM WITH YOU DARN KIDS thing, but look: It will probably really suck, the first few years.

No one will know you or care about you, you won’t get jobs you want, you’ll need a day job to get by. Overnight super-stardom is very rare.

For 99% of us, there is no pole-vaulting the Canyon of Obscurity. It takes years to cross. And the trick is, to not get trapped there.

Produce, promote, network, don’t give up. And then, hold back the wave of acid vomit when everyone calls what you’ve achieved “luck.” :)

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