Hey, this word balloon isn’t actually coming from the guy who should be speaking in the panel. OH WELL, it’s just a comic.#makebadcomics

Left foot on the right leg, right hand on the left arm, it’s cool, nobody’s looking that close, just get it done. #makebadcomics

Everything is shiny! Sweaters, computer screens, dogs, azalea bushes, LET’S GET SOME SPECULAR HIGHLIGHTS ON THOSE MOFOS #makebadcomics

Tits on an 8-year-old, sixpack on a beerbelly. I can only draw a handful of body types and one age range. That’s cool, right?#makebadcomics

I draw it to read right to left because it’s MANGA, dummy! Sheesh!#makebadcomics

But if I don’t put elves in it, how will people know it’s a fantasy comic!? #makebadcomics

My comic’s cast is very ethnically diverse. It has humans, trolls, goblins AND dryads! #makebadcomics

…And then they kill his wife, and that REALLY pisses him off!#makebadcomics

It’s okay, but it would better with a ret-conned rape origin story.#makebadcomics

No it’s cool I can write the script, I’ve played a LOT of Final Fantasy. What should his ultimate fighting move be?#makebadcomics

Emoticons in the word balloons, this is a plan without flaws#makebadcomics

it doesn’t need anatomy, it’s CHIBI STYLE, God don’t you know anything #makebadcomics

I write the script screenplay format for the inevitable anime adaptation. #makebadcomics

I love love-at-first-sight plots, it totally gets me out of figuring out how to write people in love for good reasons #makebadcomics

I’ve never been in a romantic relationship or actually had sex, hm I guess this BL manga is good ref for my GRAPHIC SEX SCENE#makebadcomics

Running out of the house, late for school. Toast in her mouth, bumping into the new transfer student. OH HE IS IN MY CLASS!! #makebadcomics

It stars me, except my name is Yumi and I live in Tokyo #makebadcomics

Jeez I have overtly insulted a much more notable cartoonist three times in my comic, why hasn’t he linked me yet? #makebadcomics

…okay I think I’m done.

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